Provincial house Groningen

The existing Provincial Hall and the Griffiergebouw (registry office) next door were the base for the design for the extension. Using local red brick in parts of the façade of the new volume refers to the existing buildings and creates continuity.

234 N2 medium

Combining functions

The main entrance is situated at the head of an elongated building that forms the central axis of the complex. All other volumes connect to this axis. The various functions are legible in the forms and materials of the building. Each function has its own construction, finishing and materials.

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pointing the same direction

The comb-like composition of the new building is in harmony with the surrounding development and creates a logical connection to the streets. The three office buildings all point towards the Martini Tower (1482), Groningen’s most famous tower.

Architect & Interior architect
Benthem Crouwel Architects
Gedeputeerde Staten Provincie Groningen
Groningen, The Netherlands
Gross floor area
13.500 m²
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