Our mission is to plan and design clever, responsible and beautiful buildings and cities. A fast-changing world confronts us with urban densification and limited resources. Cities around the world are trying to balance the public and private realm while facing pressing issues on climate change, accessibility and commercial value. We meet these challenges by providing design on all levels: from planning to delivery. Designs that make efficient use of available space, while respecting the human experience. Our aim is to design cities that are economically, climate and socially resilient.

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The qualities of a building are part and parcel of its surroundings. This is why we go beyond buildings design and offer services in several stages of development and from large scale to detail. In this process, our clients are our project partners and indispensable team members. We want to get to know them so we can understand their goals and discover their dreams.

Master plan

We are experienced master planners: solving urban puzzles is what drives us. Urbanization brings increasing complexity and asks for long term planning and responsible development. We stand for early involvement because resilient, vibrant cities rely on planning a balanced co-existence of spaces, buildings and mobility. Our involvement leads to a vision that combines urban analyses and development goals. The plans encompass development stages, functionality and ambience. Profound analysis, dialogue and brainstorming leads to a coherent plan that unites all interests.

Urban design

Urban design is a process of co-creation where we analyse the urban context and social impact, and identify private and public interests. It requires a broad perspective to shape the physical setting for life in in the built environment: the streets, spaces, ecology, allotment, zoning and mobility flows that form the connective tissue. We continuously strive to contribute to efficient and green cities that are extremely well connected and have a high quality of living.

Feasibility Study

Feasibility studies offer an informed view of a plot or area, that serves to inspire and build a business case. We deliver insight in the potential of an asset by designing a vision on development in context. We identify the strengths, past and present, of a location or building for development, and visualize the end result. The potential becomes legible and visible to stakeholders, be it the owner, municipality, developer, or investor.


Designing buildings is at the very core of what we do. We act as a trusted advisor who designs the very best building in a multidisciplinary team. A building that answers to contemporary challenges, yet can stand the test of time. Our signature is rational, pragmatic design with a high level of identity and comfort. In all our designs we aim for a perfect integration of functions and people.


Excellent design goes beyond a good concept, and is part of a logical process that leads to realization into fine detailing. This is why we provide architectural engineering services. Aspects like longevity, maintenance, cost, building logistics and circularity heavily inform the design process after conceptualization.


We work with our advisors to create integrated building models in Autodesk Revit. With Autodesk Navisworks and Solibri, we ensure our models are clash free, complete, and coordinated.

Interior design

Exterior and interior architecture are a natural extension of one another, where ambience and human scale are key to user experience. As part of our integrated approach and holistic vision on building performance, we feel responsible for a coherent concept that includes the interior.


Our design, ultimately, is informed by true creativity. The best results are a combination of creative design, knowledge and craft. As such, we continuously seek playgrounds that invite us to collaborate and innovate outside of the everyday context, places where creativity can flow. We initiate projects where we translate architectural thinking to wicked problems and art. The solutions we find in these crossovers, we translate back to the buildings of tomorrow.