Redevelopment Tichelaar

Sustainable, green living for seniors within a close community: this is the redevelopment of the monumental factory site of Tichelaar in the Dutch village of Makkum.

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Revitalize with respect to the environment and history

The Koninklijke Tichelaar, a factory for ceramics and glazes, has been an integral part of Makkum life since the factory was established here in 1572. Real estate company PAAvON purchased the site with four monumental Tichelaar factory buildings and commissioned Benthem Crouwel Architects to make a plan for the urban redevelopment of the area, that includes the restoration and revitalization of the monuments and additionally would meet Makkum’s demand for more senior housing.

At the site, 32 care homes and 4 senior homes will be realized in a predominantly green living environment. The main former factory building will be renovated to facilitate 7 apartments and collective facilities on the ground floor.

The vision we developed is a tribute to the rich history of Tichelaar and the character of the ‘old’ Makkum. Inspiration for the design comes from the lay-out and structure of historical Makkum. This picturesque village is characterized by meandering streets and different types of architecture and a clear distinction between public fronts and semiprivate backs and backyards. The contrast between the linear, slightly closed outer edge of the block and the open, more fragmented structure of the inside brings back the old Makkum qualities of surprise and discovery. By placing the apartments on the edge of the plot, a green, public square on the foundation of the former ’lowrise’ part of the factory connects to the low-maintenance private gardens, and facilitates social connections among residents but also between residents and locals.

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Where monuments are restored and seniors live their best life

The restored monuments of Tichelaar are integrated in this vision - striking, visible and recognizable - and can act as connecting links between old Makkum, the post-war neighborhood and the new development. The 16 single-storey senior housing units facilitate social contacts, promote self-reliance and are optimally connected to amenities in the area.

Monuments from a rich past become comfortable homes for Makkum’s seniors.

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Benthem Crouwel Architects
PAAvON Vastgoed BV
Makkum, the Netherlands
Site area
9640 m²
1.560 m² gross floor area single storey houses
1.280 m² gross floor area monuments