Amsterdam Museum

In the first phase of the renovation the Amsterdam Museum is enriched with a short tour; ‘Amsterdam DNA’. Due to this short tour visitors are able to get a good impression of Amsterdam’s history in less than an hour, making a visit to the Amsterdam Museum more accessible. To create the short tour a design is made for a section of the museum. Keeping in mind the expected increase in the number of visitors, the functionality of the whole complex has been taken into account. A master plan is made, wherein the current routing will be alternated.

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Improving functionality

The Amsterdam Museum is a building with a long history. The former convent and orphanage was converted into a museum in the late 1960s. In subsequent decades small adjustments were made to the building regularly, which caused an illogical routing and an accumulation of styles from different periods. To improve the functionality of the building and prepare it for the increasing number of visitors, a masterplan was developed that leaves the building as intact as possible and favors a modest, neutral approach.

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Generating logical routing

The renovation involves a new centralized entrance, two educational areas for the ‘Small orphanage’ and an auditorium. By adding a bridge and a passage in the basement, different parts of the building are connected, which generates a logical, continuous routing through the museum. The new entrance is an explicit starting point for both temporary and permanent exhibitions.

Benthem Crouwel Architects
Amsterdam Museum
Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Gross floor area
1.375 m²
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