Bridge 2125, aka the Gerda Taro Bridge, is about to be built

October 14, 2021
904 Brug 2125 I Jburg N2 medium

This bridge will soon connect Centrumeiland with Strandeiland. The bridges are important for a good flow of cars, bicycles, trams and animals. The bridge is also part of an important route for construction traffic for the realization of the houses on Strandeiland.

Benthem Crouwel Architects is selected to design 9 bridges of the ‘Buitenwater’ – open water. All bridges share the same signature look – light and transparent, which we made sure to preserve over the years of this urban development. Time goes by and now almost all the islands are finished. An important case study for our changing world – where living with water will become part of everyone’s life.

The construction of the Gerda Taro Bridge will take approximately 2 years. Planned delivery is spring 2023.

904 Brug 2125 I Jburg N7 medium