Final design residential complex Nádraží Žižkov

August 31, 2021
936 Residence N dra i kov N7 a4

In 2019 Benthem Crouwel Architects won the international competition organized by Penta Real Estate. Together with RA15 we designed a new residential complex located in the Nádraží Žižkov area in Prague.

936 936 Residence N dra i kov N6 a4

The final design strikes a perfect balance between functionality, human scale and contact with nature. By placing the apartment buildings right at the edges of the plot, a large space opens up in the middle. This space is used to create a public central park that brings nature into the architecture and into the lives of the residents.

A distinct sense of identity for both the individual and the community

Pascal Cornips


Pascal Cornips copy

The park is embraced by two large, curved apartment complexes that together accommodate more than 450 dwellings. The park is open to both residents and locals from the adjoining neighborhoods and functions as a communal space for people to connect, relax, and enjoy the outdoors. A biodiverse environment where local species and plants can thrive, free of cars and noise pollution, it’s a highly valuable addition to the area.