Grey, Greener, Greenest: Dutch Charity Lotteries featured in ARCaM exhibition

November 16, 2023
771 Goede Doelen Loterijen N302 medium

Our design for the Dutch Charity Lotteries is part of the new exhibition in the Architecture Centre Amsterdam (ARCAM), showcasing the greenest buildings in the Dutch Capital.

In November, ARCAM re-opened their gallery with a newer, modular and more inclusive exhibition design, featuring several exhibitions.

On the first floor, you now find the Grey, Greener, Greenest exhibition. Ten Amsterdam Projects selected from the Amsterdam Green Architecture guide 2000-2025 are displayed, in which the Dutch Charity Lotteries building is also featured. The exhibition is about the strict minimum values that the municipality of Amsterdam maintains when measuring green buildings, and the innovative projects they lead to.

IMG 1643 lowres

Greening through innovation

An evolving Amsterdam is shown, with a living environment that is literally and figuratively greening. “The buildings are becoming (economically) costly, but deliver more in a social sense, while materials are changing and facades assume new functions. So, although green architecture sometimes appears quite grey, the city is nevertheless becoming greener, more economical, more adaptive, and smarter.” – ARCAM

The Grey, Greener Greenest exhibition is opened from November 4th 2023 till March 10th, 2024. More info and tickets