new publication: beyond living

February 20, 2023
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a selection of our best housing projects in a booklet

BEYOND LIVING is a publication with a selection of the most recent residential projects Benthem Crouwel designed.

It all started 40 years ago with the house De Fantasie (‘The Fantasy’), a winning design for the ‘Unusual Homes’ competition organized by the municipality of Almere (NL). We were awarded with a loan: a plot of land for five years. Admirably, the house we built is still standing.

Since then, all of our designs have revolved around the integration of a residential environment into an urban context. Lessons learned from previous designs are applied onto our residential high-rise buildings, as well as into our inventive, cozy, single-family homes. We strive to continuously go beyond our ambition to design houses that, above all, offer future-proof comfort while being: affordable, lively, innovative, and efficient. Homes that are characteristic of and respectful to the human movement and needs and are suitable for a wide and varied audience. We create high end, distinctive living environments where people can feel at home, live and work.

Beyond living.

Are you interested in our residential projects?
in pdf (Dutch or English) or in print (English, 66 pages).

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