Presenting our plan for the 4th Quadrant of Victory Square (Prague)

June 12, 2023
1052 TD 20230417 Prague4th Quadrant A Victory Square kl

The future of completing the 4th quadrant in Prague´s Dejvice district is being decided this week.

Today we present the proposal we submitted, together with Opocensky Valouch Architekti, as one of five finalists of the International Architectural Competition for the 4th Quadrant of Victory Square in Prague.

Our proposal connects to the historical meaning of the area, as it was intended by the masterplan of Antonin Engel. At the same time, it opens new possibilities for a diversified public realm. Introducing both a new urban square (including culture center, food market and retail spaces) and a lush green microforest. This results in an inclusive and people-oriented urban development that has a rich and layered meaning; a collage of different shapes and spaces in a human scale, where everyone is and feels welcome.

The proposals from all finalists can be seen here

The jury will choose the winning proposal after the presentations on the 12th of June.