We won the BLT Built Designer Award - Architectural Design of the Year 2021

November 15, 2021
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We are proud that the Dutch Charity Lotteries won the BLT Built Design Awards. Our beautiful project is the Architectural Design of the Year 2021!

An old transformed building became The Dutch Charity Lotteries office: a highly sustainable, energy positive, mixed use building. Demolished parts of the old building have been reused, and all new materials are sustainable and recyclable and can be repurposed in the future. The close collaboration between architect and client lead to a building that meets the expectations. The client’s articulated wishes were expanded by intensive meetings with employees, making this a building that truly feels like a home.

The greenery at the old locations in the park are represented in the roof and its construction. The canopy is supported by tree-like columns and holds the PV cells. The roof is made of polished aluminum ‘leaves’ that create a beautiful dappled effect on the walls and floors, reminiscent of an actual walk in the forest.

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