Bridge Hollandsch Diep

The Bridge Hollandsch Diep is the longest bridge on the High Speed Train trajectory that runs between Schiphol and Antwerp. Located just south of Dordrecht, the 1200 metre long bridge allows trains to cross the vast expanse of water in just 13 seconds, traveling at 300 kilometres per hour, with scenic views of the Dutch landscape.

338 N4 a4

The bridge lies between two existing bridges, one for regular trains, one for car traffic. From the car bridge the two train bridges can be seen in the distance, with the flowing arch of the new bridge slightly elevated above the older one. The new bridge is held aloft by a structure of open V-shaped piers whose positions exactly correspond to those of its neighbor, ensuring easy passage for the ships.

Benthem Crouwel Architects
In cooperation with
Ove Arup & Partners Denmark A/S
Projectorganisatie HSL Zuid
1200 m
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