Donausteg Linz

The Donausteg is Benthem Crouwel’s submission to the public competition for a new bridge over the Danube in the Austrian city of Linz. Two arches form the main load-bearing structure; they cross each other fifteen metres above the deck. They span a distance of 283 metres and are 48 metres above ground at their highest point. The total distance covered by the bridge is 463 metres. It is accessible to snowploughs and other maintenance vehicles with a maximum height of four metres.

533 a4

A clever crossover

Crossed suspension cables above the road surface accentuate the spatial effect; the direction of the cables also ensures an even orthogonal distribution of the load of the arches. The horizontal cables between the arches lessen the load on the arches and visually give the bridge a ‘roof’ that is even more noticeable at night because of the integrated lighting scheme.

Benthem Crouwel Architects
Linz, Austria
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