Kulturbau Koblenz

Two buildings redefining the heart of the city.

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A striking ensemble

Culture and commerce meet in the heart of Koblenz: on its central square, the shopping mall ‘Forum Mittelrhein’ and the cultural centre ‘Forum Confluentes’ together form a striking ensemble. The project is a fundamental part of the redevelopment of central Koblenz. This square not only connects the various districts of Koblenz but also has an important function as a public transport interchange and place where a number of pedestrian flows come together. The soft shapes of the volumes, and the clear sight lines between them, naturally direct these flows across the busy square.

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A reference to the vineyards

The large shopping mall is characterized by smooth lines and seems to hug the square. Inside, different shopping areas are connected by open stairwells with escalators. They provide orientation and through the skylights daylight floods the entire spacious mall, creating a high level shopping experience and very pleasant ambience for the public. The top floors of the mall are defined by a bright green façade, consisting of 3D printed artificial vine leaves. The façade is a reference to the vineyards along the rivers Rhine and Moselle, and firmly anchors the landmark building in the region and its history.

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Sharing cultural knowledge

The cultural centre stands as a singular, solitary volume on the square and is wrapped in a striking, partly translucent shiny façade that reflects the sky and the clouds. It houses the public library, the Mittelrhein Museum and the tourist information of Koblenz, with their ‘Zentrum der Rheinromantik’, inviting both tourists and residents to learn more about this beautiful region.

Benthem Crouwel Architects
ECE Projektmanagement GmbH & Co. KG
Koblenz, Germany
Gross floor area
18.600 m²
Start design
Start construction
Gütesiegel in Platin, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Nachhaltiges Bauen DGNB