Data center Equinix AM3/AM4

A strong performing commercial office space combined with high-end technology. The two data centers AM3 and AM4 Benthem Crouwel Architects designed for Equinix, a leading global data center provider, make the invisible visible. The data centers, where huge server spaces facilitate our internet traffic and data storage 24 hours a day, are striking examples of how excellent architecture can solve intricate design dilemmas. A flagship for our client and a landmark for the city, these buildings keep our data safe while being beautifully integrated into the public space.

752 Datacenter AM4 N49 a4

Future proof and sustainable

Equipped with aquifer thermal energy storage systems that allow generated heat to be used for other buildings on Science Park, the data center AM4 is one of the most sustainable of its kind. It’s also a very flexible building, should the need for server space change in the future. The floor heights allow for the possibility to add extra levels, and the modular façade can easily be disassembled and recycled. This means the futureproof building can be transformed into a laboratory, office space or even apartments should this need arise.

752 Datacenter AM4 N43 a4
752 Datacenter AM4 N47 a4

To gain social acceptance in cities, the aesthetics relate to their surroundings

A friendly alternative to the traditional fence

The two lower volumes of AM3 and the high-rise AM4 are surrounded by a moat that serves as a first security layer, a more friendly alternative to the traditional fence. Together, the three volumes form a compact yet elegant ensemble with their contrasting façades of black and silver aluminum. The high-rise building is made of triangular aluminum profiles, which are black on one side and silver on the other, and become more narrow in the top - an optical illusion that makes the tower look slimmer and gives it a more human scale. The exterior changes its appearance with different weather conditions and depending on the angle from which you approach it.

601 N26 a4
601 N19 a4

Make the invisible visible

The shiny, silvery façade of AM4 reflects the sky and makes the 12 story tower a visible landmark to be seen from the ring road.

Joost Vos


Joost Vos

Data center AM3/4 is a project carried out to the client’s utmost satisfaction, which is further demonstrated by the fact that we were since commissioned by Equinix to design more data centers for them - we are now working on the seventh one.

Benthem Crouwel Architects
Equinix Netherlands BV
Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Gross floor area
AM3 18.750 m²
AM4 24.000 m²
AM3 2012
AM4 2017