3rd place for design competition Sky Park

April 02, 2024
745 01 AERIAL 3 BCA 1

Our design for the expansion of Bratislava's Sky Park in Slovakia secured 3rd place in the prestigious Bratislava Block 5.1 design competition.

Benthem Crouwel Architects created a mixed-use project with a primary focus on seamlessly extending the park. The design meticulously addresses its contribution to public space, privacy, shading, and biodiversity, aiming to establish a harmonious environment that encompasses all aspects of life, work, and leisure.

At the heart of our design lies a deep integration with Sky Park, where we've created a harmonious extension that seamlessly blends urban living with natural serenity. From strategic building placements to green infrastructure initiatives, every aspect of our project aims to enhance the quality of life for residents and workers alike.

In collaboration with Alto Real Estate.
Images: Play-time