Construction start of the new AI hub in Amsterdam

October 08, 2020
918 UVA Science Park N28 medium

AI center for students, researches and businesses

A new building for University of Amsterdam will become the international hub for the growing talent in digital innovations and Artificial Intelligence. The future users of LAB 942 are increasingly engaged in collaborations with businesses and the private sector. These activities require a building that is open to society and the surroundings, a building that makes the creativity and groundbreaking developments visible and accessible

LAB42 is a laboratory, a research institute, an academic nerve center and a workshop all in one: a place that challenges people and that lets ideas thrive.

Joost Vos


918 UVA Science Park N19 medium

Sustainable and circular

Circularity played a big part in the design decisions for this building, which is why the main structure for the building is made out of steel, and reusable materials are introduced where possible. This steel modular framework is easy to disassemble, making the building very flexible in its daily use, but also future proof and easy to adapt to changing demands and developments.

Sustainability and health are integral components throughout the entire building. Lots of greenery inside the building, natural wayfinding and natural ventilation provide the best experience for the users.

We wanted to guarantee that LAB42 is not only a sustainable, energy-neutral and inspiring building, but also a pleasant and healthy building.

Femke Tophoven


Femke Tophoven
Eerstepaal Lab42

Joost Vos and Femke Tophoven presented the design and a VR-tour of the building at the event that was organised to celebrate the first pole of LAB42.