Pop podium 013

This venue for pop and rock music consists of large and medium-sized auditoria and a smaller space for new/specialist music.

287 N3 a4

Clean divisions

Spatially the building meshes with the Tivoli parking structure as one large built mass which screens off the street and cleanly marks off the park. The expanded metal screen of the parking facility is extended on one side to project in front of the facade of 013. Inside, a clear division prevails between the public areas and the rooms for artistes and staff.

287 N5 a4

A soundproof facade

Service spaces acts as noise buffers between the spaces where sound is produced; a double facade and the roof structure limit the volume of sound reaching the outside world. The public areas are so situated that they can be used either separately or combined. A compact building, it has a basic, easy-to-read main shape and an aura of inscrutability. Facades and roof are clad in black EPDM rubber filled with glass wool and sporting real CDs on its surface.

287 N6 a4
287 N9 a4
Benthem Crouwel Architects
Gerald van der Kaap
Openbare Werken Tilburg
Tilburg, the Netherlands
Gross floor area
6400 m²
Start design
Start construction