Culture Strip Amstelveen / P60

In the heart of Amstelveen, shops, restaurants and bars, public transportation and cultural institutions are concentrated around the central square. The Culture Strip forms one of the sides of the central square. A pop music venue - P60 - forms part of the Culture Strip, a new 250-metre-long building, which it shares with a school of music, a bank and an adult education centre. An existing theatre auditorium on site has also been integrated into the new building and enlarged. All institutions share one lobby, but they can also function independently.

279 N22 a4

A lively square

P60 occupies the right-hand extremity of the Strip where it rubs shoulders with a new multi-storey car park. The entrance on the ground floor leads directly to the bar. On the first floor is the P60 Suite, a lounge-type space looking out over the new plaza (Stadsplein), as well as changing rooms, offices and cloakroom. The pop venue itself is one floor higher. Because of the transparency of the facades and inner walls, the activities in the building contribute maximal to the lively atmosphere of the square. The residential tower, also a Benthem Crouwel design that was built right next to the Cobra Museum, reflects in the glass facade.

Benthem Crouwel Architects
Interior design theater
Kho Liang Ie Associates
Ontwikkelingsmaatschappij Stadshart Amstelveen
Gross floor area
Culture strip: 8.000 m²
P60: 1.000 m²
Start design
Start construction