Edge Hafencity

EDGE HafenCity Hamburg (formerly The Pier Hafencity) is an exciting, integrated design proposal for a multi-functional building complex in the heart of Hamburg’s Elbbrücken Quarter. EDGE connects the public realm to an innovative, sustainable and hyperflexible workspace that is a pleasure to use, in the heart of an up and coming Hamburg neighborhood.

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A flexible building for a variety of users

The design optimally represents the exciting potentials of the site and plot, with special consideration for the coherence of the public space, the needs of potential users and the ambitions to create a generator for resilient development.

Urban planning for this plot had already been established, but future users for the building were not yet known at the time of the competitive workshop, held with five invited participants. This meant the building had to be attractive and carefully integrated into the surrounding urban fabric, but also had to be as flexible as possible to ensure a broad variety of users could be accommodated.

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Next level working concepts and street interaction

The subtle yet clearly visible wavy indentations in the façade give the building a friendly and welcoming appearance that draws people in from the plaza, while also referring to the rippling surface of the waters of the harbor. The open arcade in the plinth reinforces this welcoming gesture and connects the building to the community.

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Inside, lots of green, natural light, gently sloping lines and natural materials create an exceptionally warm and comfortable environment and a supportive climate for everyone. Clear sightlines and excellent routing make the building accessible and easy to navigate.

Flexible office spaces, conference rooms, a library, co-working spots and a restaurant are all part of the program, centered around a large and vibrant multipurpose event space.

Benthem Crouwel Architects
EDGE Technologies
HafenCity, Elbbrücken Quarter, Hamburg
Gross floor area
25.600 m²
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