The Rotterdamsebaan is the entrance to the city of The Hague. The project is a collaboration between Benthem Crouwel Architects, Paul de Ruiter Architects and landscape architects Landschapspartners. It is the largest infrastructure project in The Hague, measuring three kilometers: 1,5 kilometer above ground and 1,5 underground.

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An impressive city entrance

The above ground route cuts through two different types of landscapes and ends in an urban landscape, the city of The Hague. The main aim is to create an impressive city entrance, and at the same time to set an example for sustainable infrastructure in the Netherlands. The new traffic junction makes The Hague and its region better accessible by connecting the motorways (A4 and A13) to the ring road of The Hague.

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A streamlined route

The project consists different components: a route immersed in the existing landscape, a pedestrian bridge, a service building clad with solar panels, a 1,5 kilometer long tunnel and an urban boulevard. Motorists will experience the Rotterdamsebaan as a typical route with a unique and consistent design. The whole tunnel is characterized by white panel boarding, a continuous line of LED lighting, and a dark upper world: a streamlined and calming route of white, black and guiding red tail lights.

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Sustainable infrastructure

The above ground route is branded by a railing of wing-shaped lamellae, that are adjusted to its surroundings. The railing is more transparent near the urban zone, and less transparent in the park zone, therefore minimizing light pollution. The service building and the entrance of the tunnel are clad with solar panels; the generated energy is (re)used for the service building. The solar panels function also as giant ‘sunglasses’, to ensure motorists are not blinded by sunlight when entering and exiting the tunnel.

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Victory Boogie Woogie

The tunnel of the Rotterdamsebaan has the recognizable name: Victory Boogie Woogie Tunnel, which is named after the famous painting by Mondrian, on permanent show at the Gemeentemuseum Den Haag.

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